San Francisco Crumpled City Map

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San Francisco Crumpled City Map from a collection of street plans of major cities printed on soft, very lightweight (approximately only 20g) and yet extremely tear-resistant and 100% waterproof material, specifically designed to be scrunched and crammed into pockets, handbags and backpacks, either on its own or in the pouch from the same material provided with each map. Creases are a fully intentional part of the quirkiness of the Crumpled City maps – the more battered they are they better they look. Parks and other green spaces are highlighted, as are metro stations, and important buildings are named. Each map also highlights 10 recommended “soulsights”, imaginatively chosen to present the essence of each city rather than the most obvious tourist destinations. The accompanying index placed next to the map lists locations of tourist interest: selected streets and squares, monuments and historical places, museums and galleries, parks, etc. Whilst cartographically these Crumpled City maps provide perhaps not the most precise representation of the street network, they are handy for sightseeing, light and durable, can be used as a table cloth when picnicking in the Luxembourg Gardens, Hyde Park, the Retiro or the Central Park, or just as an unusual decoration… Selected cities are also presented on more colourful ‘junior’ maps, specially designed for children. Drawings highlight not only important buildings and famous locations but also places which will specifically appeal to children: toy shops, bookshops, best ice cream, etc. Each title has a list of the recommended not-to-be missed locations with addresses and, where available, websites. To see the full list of cities covered by this unique series please click on the series link.
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Publication Date5 Aug 2011
Size Folded11.5 x 15cm (bo x )
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